Online Information Sources

These Internet links are mostly to XML, XSLT, Java Servlet and JSP information. This list is neither complete nor fair - it simply offers some starting points on the Internet. Apologies to all the developers and others whose websites are not yet here! Please send more links to update this list!

1 Always Useful

Website for the bonForum web application project


Fun and smart way to search the web


Huge number of Java links from Cetus Links


XML based information retrieval


Great multilingual text editor


The World Wide Web Consortium


W3C Recommendations


Internet Engineering Task Force


Mailing Lists and Archives


2 Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation


Apache Conference


Join Apache mailing lists


News about Apache


3 Big Corporations



IBM Alphaworks


IBM DeveloperWorks






Sun Microsystems


Sun Developers



Cascading Stylesheets


CSS and XSL overview





DOM Scripting WebRing;list


XML via the Document Object Model





HTML reformulated as XML


Web Developers Library links for HTML


The HTML Guide





8 Java

8.1 Java - Compilers and SDKs

Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition, Download


8.2 Java - Books, Articles and Magazines

Thinking in Java, Free Downloadable Book


Java Developer's Journal


JBuilder Developer's Journal


The Swing Connection


8.3 Java - Information

Sun BluePrints (tm) Design Guidelines for J2EE


Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Technology


Setting the class path


About Three Tier Distributed Architecture at Java Report Online


Tomcat Servlet and JSP Development with VisualAge for Java


Java Extensions FAQ


Bridging Java and Active X with Java Plug-in Scripting


8.4 Java - Language

The Java Language Specification - Gosling


Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language Contents


8.5 Java - Resources

Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources


Java programming resources at


8.6 Java - Tools

JavaBeans and BDK1.1


Forte[tm] for Java[tm], free Community Edition




Java Beanshell – Interactive Java Shell




IBM alphaWorks Bean Scripting Framework


Java for Linux


8.7 Java - Tutorials

The Java Tutorial


9 JavaServer Pages

9.1 JSP - Main website

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology


9.2 JSP - Specifications

JavaServer Pages (JSP) Specfication, Version 1.1


9.3 JSP - Books

JavaServer Pages Book


Group writing a JSP Book online


9.4 JSP - Companies

Information about commercial products supporting JSP


tarent GmbH


9.5 JSP - FAQ



Good FAQ for JSP, maintained by Richard Vowles


9.6 JSP - Hosting

Free server space on the internet, including Java Servlet and JSP support


9.7 JSP - Information

JSP syntax cards, tutorials, a technical FAQ, and various presentations


JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology - White Paper


Chat about JavaServer Pages




Introduction to JavaServer Pages


9.8 JSP - Taglibs



9.9 JSP - Tutorials

JavaServer Pages(TM) Tutorial


Servlet and JSP Short Courses


Basic JSP Tutorial


IBM Tutorial on JSP


10 Java Servlets

10.1 Servlets - Main website

Servlet website at Sun


10.2 Servlets - Specifications

Servlet Implementations and Specifications


Servlet API Javadoc Online


10.3 Servlets - Books, Articles and Magazines

Server-side Java magazine online


10.4 Servlets - Companies

JRun developer website


tarent GmbH


10.5 Servlets - Hosting

Free server space on the internet, including Java Servlet and JSP support


Servlet hosting


10.6 Servlets - Information

Good overview of Servlets


Information about Servlets


10.7 Servlets - Mailing Lists



10.8 Servlets - Resources

Jason Hunter’s website


Free, open source Java Servlets


Servlets Taverne, includes links to information in French


XML, Java, JDBC and Servlets information by Nazmul Idris


10.9 Servlets - Tutorials

Servlets Tutorial


11 Linux

Linux Open Source Magazine


Java Programming on Linux, the book


12 Open Source

Online Book: Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution


Eric S. Raymond’s The Cathedral and the Bazaar




The Open Source Page


The Techie-Hacker's Case for Open Source


Ask Tim at O’Reilly Open Source & Enterprise Java


Free support for Open Source projects


Licensing Open Source Software - Jason Hunter’s license


ClueTrain Manifesto




Open Source Version Control Software


Open XML


Open Source Enhydra Java-XML Application Server Home


Free XML software


13 RDF

Resource Description Framework


14 Web Applications

Open Source Enhydra Java-XML Application Server Home


IBM white paper, “The Web Application Programming Model”


XML The Key to E-Business


IBM White Papers


15 Web Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5


MSDN Online Voices - Extreme XML


Information about IE5.5 XML


Mozilla (open source Netscape web browser)


16 Web Servers

Apache Server


Jigsaw Web Server (W3C)


Jakarta Tomcat main website


FAQ index for Tomcat


Latest Tomcat Users Guide


17 XML

17.1 XML - Specs and Recommendations

W3C Recommendation - The Annotated XML Specification


Specifications of all XML Related Technologies


17.2 XML - Articles, Books and Magazines

XML Developer's Journal


XML Books - Mastering XML from Sybex


Writings of Benoit Marchal


Articles by Jon Bosak


XML Developers Conference Proceedings


An Introduction to XML for Java Programmers – Find Books about XML here


17.3 XML - Companies

Bluestone Software, Inc.


tarent GmbH


17.4 XML - Editors and Tools

Links and information for many XML editors


Free XML software








Xeena, and Visual XML Tools from IBM


Visual XML


17.5 XML - Examples

All Shakespeare works in XML


An XML based project for instant messaging.


XMLBinder and XSLServlet projects


17.6 XML - Information

The only link you need to find anything related to XML


XML GLobal


XML Search Engine People


Cafe con Leche XML News, and Resources


Extensible Markup Language (XML)


Chinese XML Now (English Home Page)


MSDN Online XML Developer Center


XMLHack – Great way to keep current on XML


Pineapplesoft Online Java, XML from Belgium (Benoît Marchal)


IBM developerWorks XML Standards - Describing Data


XML APIs for Databases


Activity in the XML world


XML in Spanish


XML, Java, JDBC and Servlets information


17.7 XML - Mailing Lists

Join Apache XML Project mailing lists


XML-DEV for XML developers around the world:

To subscribe to this list , send an email message to with “subcribe xml-dev your@email.address” in the body.


XML-DEV archived


The xmlhack daily news digest


17.8 XML - Microsoft

XML-related product downloads


Information about MSXML


An XML Manifesto


MSDN Online XML Developer Center


XML magazine


17.9 XML - Namespaces



17.10 XML - Organizations

Oasis XML and SGML organization


XML.ORG - The XML Industry Portal, hosted by OASIS


17.11 XML - Parsers

Apache XML Project


Open XML


XML Parser for Java  another alphaWorks technology






Python XML parser




Fxp, a parser written in SML


17.12 XML - SAX API

Megginson Technologies Ltd.


SAX The Simple API for XML


17.13 XML - SVG

W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)


The SVG Viewer Applet Demos


17.14 XML - Tutorials

Very complete XML tutorial, based on JAXP


Tutorial on XML and Java


Zvon tutorials


IBM developerWorks XML Education - Online Courses


Introduction to XML


XML and Java


XML For Linux


The Foundation XML, XSL, X-Link


Good online xml guide slanted toward Microsoft version of XML


17.15 XML - XHTML

HTML reformulated as XML


17.16 XML - XLINK

Proposed Recommendation


Good description of XLINK and XPOINTER



Proposed Recommendation


18 XSL

18.1 XSL - Recommendations

Recommendations for XSL, XSLT, XPATH


Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)


XML Path Language (XPath)


XSL Transformation (XSLT)


18.2 XSL - Articles, Books and Magazines

XSL Transformations – Book Chapter


XSL Programming for Teams


Validate Data With Regular Expressions and XSL


18.3 XSL - Information

Style sheets


XSL in developerWorks XML Library


18.4 XSL - Mailing Lists


Send mail to with "subscribe xsl-list" as the body of your message, or visit:


XSL-List Archive Indexed by Thread


18.5 XSL - Resources

Crane Softwrights Ltd.


XMLBinder and XSLServlet projects


Resources for XT


XML and XSLT driven website


18.6 XSL - Tools

Xalan Overview


SAXON processor


18.7 XSL - Tutorials

Zvon XSL tutorial


XML online course




Online XSLT-XSL Tutorials at XSLINFO